HeartX Announces Close Beta Testing of App Product


Central, Singapore, April 19th, 2023, Chainwire

HeartX, an art marketplace and community platform, has announced that its app product is now available for a Close Beta Test. It is accessible through the App Store and HeartX official website, however, only users with an invitation code can register as members and start making money from the Vote-to-Earn system.

The Close Beta of the HeartX app introduces its X-to-Earn ecosystem, which is the beginning of the HeartX project. These codes can be obtained by following HeartX on Twitter and taking part in specific activities and events on Discord. Additionally, some events will be held on influencers’ or collab partners’ Twitter accounts to give away the invitation code. The sooner users register, the more tokens they can earn.

HeartX also announced that by the end of April, most of the smart contracts will be launched on Layer 2 of Ethereum, with the purpose of reducing gas fees and providing users with a better art trading experience. The NFT trading feature will not be available during the Closed Beta Test, therefore, users are encouraged to keep their rewarding $HNX for the moment.

As stated in the whitepaper, in the future users will be able to spend $HNX in different scenarios, such as Boost-to-Earn, Level up, and In-app applications purchases, among others.

The HeartX team is continually developing the project and looking forward to sharing updates with the community. With the evolution of the platform, HeartX is transforming the way people trade and invest in artwork and redefining its value through community consensus.

About Decent Arts

Decent Arts Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a Web3 professional team specialized in art.

Its mission is to connect the offline and online art worlds to expand the boundaries of traditional art and establish a more inclusive, diverse, and decentralized Web3 art ecology.

Decent Arts concentrates on the physical and digital art market and have created an online art community for trading and communication. They have launched digital art collections and incubate a richer metaverse and Web3 products to let more people connect, understand, and finally fall in love with art.

Thanks to Web3 technology, the value of artworks can be determined in a more open and transparent way, while allowing creators and collectors to benefit financially.

The team is comprised of 30 members, responsible for product planning, artist cooperation, technology development, platform operations, and more. Most of its members come from successful Internet companies in different areas such as gaming, live broadcast, social networking, e-commerce, art, blockchain, digital collections, and others.

Join the HeartX community now and follow HeartX on Twitter for the latest updates.

For more information: Website | Twitter | Discord


Team HeartX, [email protected]

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