Hidden Bitcoin Whitepaper Found in Apple’s MacOS Since 2018


© Reuters. Bitcoin Whitepaper Has Been Concealed in MacOS Since 2018
  • Tech blogger Andy Baio located the secret presence of the Bitcoin whitepaper in Apple MacOS.
  • It has been present in every version of MacOS since 2018.
  • An Apple user found the concealed PDF in 2021.

American tech blogger Andy Baio recently posted a blog on his Waxy website, in which he described the surprise discovery of the Bitcoin whitepaper in every version of Apple’s MacOS. The paper, penned by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, was first published in 2008 and outlined the structure of the Bitcoin network.

Baio noted that the paper had been covertly present in the form of a PDF since the launch of Apple’s desktop operating system Mojave in 2018. The Chinese reporter Collin Wu shared the news on Twitter, noting that it could be found on any Mac running the latest version of MacOS.

Baio admitted that he had stumbled upon the whitepaper by chance while attempting to fix his printer. In 2021, a user on the MacOS Community Forum asked about the presence of a Virtual Scanner II in the Image Capture Utility. It was discovered to also include a bay image in San Francisco and the Bitcoin whitepaper PDF.

Baio theorized that the paper’s inclusion was unintentional, and that the PDF was likely just a lightweight multipage document for testing. He added that it was strange that of all the documents in the world, the Bitcoin whitepaper was chosen. He even speculated that there might be a “secret Bitcoin maxi working at Apple”.

Though the hidden PDF has been located, the mystery behind it remains unsolved. The post Hidden Bitcoin Whitepaper Found in Apple’s MacOS Since 2018 appeared first on Coin Edition.

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