HKbitEX and Shanghai Tech Exchange Join Forces as Pullix Presale Gains Momentum


HKbitEX and the Shanghai Technology Exchange are revolutionizing the digital economy with their strategic collaboration, which focuses on asset tokenization solutions. The two entities aim to reduce financing obstacles for innovative companies, while an upcoming hybrid crypto exchange, Pullix, is making waves with its ongoing presale.

On December 28th, 2023, the Shanghai Technology Exchange and HKbitEX signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation, aiming to foster digital innovation and high-quality development of the Chinese economy. Through asset tokenization, the two entities strive to build an open, transparent, and efficient technology trading and financing platform, providing robust support for innovative and entrepreneurial companies.

Pullix, a community-driven platform, bridges centralized and decentralized exchanges to tackle liquidity issues. The platform features a unique “Trade-to-Earn” mechanism, allowing users to earn instant rewards for trading and participate in the exchange’s revenue through token ownership. Additionally, Pullix emphasizes security and offers a comprehensive trading experience with decentralized swaps, yield farming, and AI-backed copy trading.

The PLX token, at the heart of Pullix’s ecosystem, operates on a carefully crafted tokenomics model. With a fixed supply of 200 million tokens and an initial price of $0.04, PLX serves various utilities within the platform, including trading credits, exclusive access, and staking. The tokenomics also include mechanisms for price stability, such as periodic token burns and limited supply.

This collaboration and the Pullix presale are set to have a major impact on the financial and digital realms, transforming the future of economic landscapes.

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