Home Minister Amit Shah Highlights Evolving Security Challenges from Dynamite to Metaverse, Hawala to Cryptocurrency


Union Home Minister Amit Shah on July 13 voiced his concerns to the global community about security challenges that have evolved from dynamite to metaverse and hawala to cryptocurrency. He urged G20 countries to rise above conventional boundaries to take action against such crimes.

Mr. Shah pointed out the threats posed by cyber criminals using darknet, metaverse, deepfakes, ransomware and toolkit-based misinformation campaigns as well as strategic targeting of critical information and financial systems. He stressed the importance of understanding the aspects of crime and security, and finding a solution.

The Home Minister proposed several measures to tackle cyber crime that crosses borders, such as bringing uniformity in laws of all countries, developing a response mechanism under various laws of the countries, harmonising bench marks, best practices and regulations, and greater coordination among cyber agencies of all countries.

Mr. Shah suggested that an integrated and stable approach to cyber security policies is necessary to facilitate interoperability, increase trust in information sharing, and reduce the agency protocol and resources gaps. He also recommended sharing ‘real-time cyber threat intelligence’ among member countries with active support from industry and academia to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure.

The Home Minister warned against either excessive freedom or isolationist structures such as digital firewalls, and emphasized that technology can bring human beings, communities, and countries closer. However, some anti-social elements and global forces are using technology to cause economic and social harm to citizens and governments.

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