Exploring the Criteria for Ethereum Foundation Grants


The Ethereum Foundation grants team is dedicated to managing the resources of the Ethereum Community in a way that will have the most positive impact on the long-term ecosystem. As such, we award grants to projects that we believe will make the most meaningful contribution to our efforts in spreading power.

What is Covered by EF Grants?

  • Open source initiatives are favored.

  • Grants are only applicable to current projects, not future endeavors.

  • We strive for fairness and do not give preference to any one team over another.

  • Our grants do not endorse any project over another, but we do encourage applications for open-source projects that benefit the wider ecosystem.

  • We do not use grants to provide a seal of approval from the Ethereum Foundation.

How Do We Judge Applications?

  • We focus on the most impactful question: How would this be a significant contribution to the ecosystem?

    • Is the problem urgent?
    • Are many others working on the same issue?
    • Is giving a grant more valuable than the alternative?

  • We prioritize projects that have reasonable paths to sustainability, in order to ensure the community’s resources are allocated in a long-term manner.

  • We hire applicants with relevant experience and the necessary ability to perform the tasks, in proportion with the amount of the grant.

  • Alignment with Ethereum values is considered.

Note: We offer non-dilutive capital and expect to pay a discount on your market rate.

We understand that making decisions can never be perfect, but we strive to make it faster and more efficient.

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