ICP Boosts as BTC and Pepe Coin Dip


Crypto prices today were largely in the red, suggesting that investors were taking a break after a recent rally in the market. Over the last few weeks, cryptos have gained a tremendous amount of ground, followed by volatile trading this week as investors assess various risks hovering over the market.

The Federal Reserve’s dovish remarks earlier this week continued to boost investor confidence. Now, investors seem to be taking a pause before making further bets in the market following the rally.

The Bitcoin price dipped 1.13% and settled at $42,251.34, however its one-day trading volume fell 22.84% to $19.59 billion. Despite concerns, it has gained 13% in the last month, showing its resilience.

Ethereum followed a similar trend, dropping 1.37% to $2,247.07, and its one-day trading volume decreased 21.57% to $10.13 billion. XRP price decreased 2.08% to $0.6207 with its trading volume dropping 16.4% to $1.26 billion.

Solana price dropped 1.24% to $73.95, while its trading volume rose 12.25% to $2.89 billion. The Cardano price also registered a decline of 3.63% and traded at $0.613.

The sentiment in the meme coin segment was also somewhat gloomy on December 16. Dogecoin price decreased by 3.48% to $0.09387 and its trading volume dropped 18.5% to $596.84 million. The Shiba Inu price was down 1.80% to $0.000009756 and its trading volume fell to $177.07 million.

The global crypto market cap retreated by 0.75% to $1.6 trillion, due to the declines in major crypto prices. Additionally, the trading volume decreased 11.4% to $60.24 billion, and the fear and greed index indicated a “greed” sentiment at 73. These fluctuations suggest a cautious market mood, making it important for investors to carefully monitor the evolving crypto landscape.

The top cryptos for today include Pepe Coin, which slipped 4% and traded at $0.000001366, and its trading volume decreased 33.6% over the last 24 hours to $110.86 million. Internet Computer crypto was among the top percentage movers in the crypto space on Saturday, up by 34.72% and trading at $8.57, and its trading volume surged 123.22% to $261.30 million. Helium price added 16.88% to trade at $8.68, and its trading volume rose 9.7% to $62.67 million.

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