Immutable Unveils zkEVM Testnet to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming on Polygon Network


Immutable’s public testing of its layer-2 blockchain, Immutable zkEVM, has begun on a popular web3 gaming platform. This strategic collaboration is aligned with Immutable’s goal to nurture the web3 gaming ecosystem, addressing scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Immutable announced a new version of the web3 gaming platform, which is well-known in the space. The primary highlight of Immutable zkEVM is its inventive zero-knowledge (ZK) roll-up technique, which aims to lower gas expenses and amplify transaction capabilities. This allows for easy migration of smart contracts to the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Immutable’s zkEVM testnet is underpinned by Polygon’s Supernets initiative, an innovative project that seeks to simplify the creation of blockchains for different applications. The partnership provides developers with enhanced adaptability, encouraging them to innovate.

The unveiling of Immutable’s zkEVM and the partnership with Polygon aligns with Immutable’s overarching strategy to nurture and elevate the web3 gaming ecosystem. This strategy effectively tackles the concerns about scalability and efficiency that have been pertinent in the gaming industry by providing multiple layer-2 solutions.

Here are five games that are utilizing Ethereum’s scalable infrastructure, Immutable zkEVM:

MetalCore is a science fiction shooting game that combines first-person shooter (FPS) and player-versus-environment (PVE) mech combat elements. This unique gameplay allows players to quickly transition from controlling infantry soldiers to colossal robot mechs. While the game is in its development phase, it plans to use the Immutable zkEVM network. Its exclusive closed beta launch will take place on September 15.

Shardbound is a player-versus-player (PVP) fantasy card auto-battler game. It is a joint effort by Immutable Games and the game studio Bazooka Tango. Several years ago, the original independent developers of Shardbound, Spiritwalk Games, faced what Bazooka Tango’s CEO Bo Daly had previously described as ‘a minor business challenge.’ Fast forward to March, 2023 when Bazooka Tango announced plans to re-invigorate Shardbound as a blockchain powered game. This transformation involves the integration of NFTs in the gaming experience, allowing players to strategically position characters on a hexagonal tile map. Although the game is still under development, it will feature a unique and innovative gameplay.

Medieval Empires, a strategy-based game, announced that it will be using Immutable’s zkEVM network earlier this month. The game’s strategy revolves around an approach known as ‘play-and-own’, which allows players to own the items they earn in game. The game can be played on MacOS and Windows PCs. The game studio has also introduced a new token named MEE and virtual land is available through NFTs. Additionally, the studio has also released ‘silver bundles’, representing the amount of a virtual in-game currency that can be obtained through USDC stablecoin purchases.

EF Defense, a game of strategy for mobile platforms, revealed its intention to use the Immutable zkEVM network in July 2023. Developed by Weracle, in this tower defense game players must stop evil entities from taking control of the world. The game offers 70 different playable characters and is already available on Android and iOS. Immutable has outlined in detail the exact details of integrating zkEVM’s network into the video game.

Galaxy Commanders, the developers of the upcoming science fiction game for mobile and PC, announced their intention to integrate with the Immutable zkEVM network in July 2023. Within the game, players can own in-game battleships as NFTs and engage in intense battles against a grand space opera background. They can undertake various quests and the game’s operations will involve its proprietary cryptocurrency named Dimensium.

Immutable zkEVM is a network that allows cryptocurrency transactions and offers game developers the ability to work with multiple infrastructure partners, reducing the risks inherent in relying on just one. By providing multiple layer-2 solutions, Immutable aims to tackle scalability and efficiency challenges head-on and lay the groundwork for a sustainable expansion of the industry.

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