in Private Funding Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Can ETC Surge to $20? Tradecurve Secures $2.8million in Private Investment


The SEC recently announced that it will file lawsuits against the two largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, resulting in Ethereum Classic’s value dropping from $18 to only $13.99. This was the biggest crash in Ethereum Classic’s history, and its trading volume has plummeted since 2023.

However, many experts now predict that the price of Ethereum Classic could reach $20 by July, with investors discussing whether or not it is a realistic goal. Tradecurve has been making waves in presale and recently hit a new high after raising more than $2.8 million.

Ethereum Classic is recovering from its June crash, and it is important to remember that many people overlook the importance of a good education. Ethereum Holders can invest in DeFi without spending thousands of dollars; it is a safe and reliable method to transfer digital assets because the project cannot be changed. The technology behind Ethereum Classic has been tried and tested, unlike many other projects that are constantly testing new technology and taking risks. Stability is achieved by using proven technology.

At the time of writing, Ethereum Classic was trading at $18.06, which is only 0.95% less than its value when it started in June. The project’s price has increased several times in the last two weeks, with a daily trading volume of almost $400 million.

Tradecurve has recently sold out in stage three of presale, triggering a price hike to $0.018. Investors are excited to see what Tradecurve has to offer, as it is a new hybrid exchange which allows investors to buy traditional assets like stocks, commodities, and CFDs in an anonymous manner. The platform aims to be one of the 3 top global trading platforms by providing a more decentralized alternative than Binance and Coinbase.

Investors will enjoy several benefits from the Tradecurve ecosystem, including a high level of leverage (500:1), positive balance protection, high transaction speeds, low fees and negative balance protection. Furthermore, new investors may find it difficult to understand decentralized exchanges, but Tradecurve has created a Metaverse Trading Academy to help them learn how to read charts, how trades function and how to build their own strategy. Experienced traders can also subscribe to copy trading or algorithmic trading subscriptions to enhance their experience.

Analysts are very bullish on the project after its fourth stage of presale, with estimates suggesting that the value of the property could rise up to 50x. Investors who act quickly can earn fantastic returns by the end of presale.

For more information on $TCRV pre-sale tokens, please visit Tradecurve’s website, buy presale, Twitter and Telegram page.

Disclaimer: This content does not guarantee its accuracy or currentness. Do your research before investing and do so at your own risk.

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