“Introducing the Devconnect Scholars Program: Uncovering Ethereum Tales in Istanbul and Beyond”


The Ethereum ecosystem is constantly evolving and growing thanks to the diverse involvement of humans. To further strengthen this resilience, the Devconnect Scholars Program has been introduced. This program aims to promote diversity and create a more inclusive community. By having a diverse representation of individuals from different geographical and demographic backgrounds, we can gain new perspectives and experiences. The goal of Ethereum protocols is to cater to the needs of all people, not just a select few. Improving geographical distribution is one way to achieve better representation, but it is not the only solution. We also believe that nodes play a crucial role in enriching and enhancing our community.

The Devconnect Scholars Program has recently been brought to Devconnect Istanbul, where 22 builders from underrepresented communities were selected to participate. In this post, we will highlight a few of them and their stories.

Meet The Scholars

In order to get in touch with our scholars, here are a few ways to connect with them:

Meet Ovia, a blockchain researcher who is currently studying Proof-of-Work as part of her PhD. She is also actively involved in India’s Web3 community, conducting technical workshops and empowering female and non-binary individuals at the Phoenix Guild. Ovia left Devconnect with a desire for collaboration and ideas to enhance her work. She also shares her “fan-girl” moments of meeting some of her tech heroes. Read more about her thoughts on “Introduction to ZKVMs and Types of ZKVMs” and “Simplified moonmath behind ZKSNARKs.”

Meet Elnaz, a Java Backend developer from Iran who has now transitioned to becoming a smart contract developer. After facing a ban from a centralized exchange for interacting with people from certain countries, Elnaz became interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum. She describes her findings on decentralization and innovation as “mind-blowing.” In her community, where access to banks is limited and inflation is high, Elnaz believes there is a need for more education on the drawbacks of centralized networks and the benefits of decentralized ones. Read her reflections on “Enabling Low-Cost, Decentralized Micropayments on Ethereum Through Layer 2 Rollups.”

Meet Alphonce, a software engineer from Kenya who became interested in cryptography due to speculation, but soon realized the potential for Ethereum to foster financial inclusion and innovation. He wants to contribute to the Blockchain ecosystem and bring back the collaborative spirit of knowledge exchange and collaboration from Devconnect. Read more about his findings on “Reflections From DevConnect: Unveiling Opportunities for Financial Inclusivity with Ethereum.”

You can find more stories, insights, and learnings from our scholars @EFNextBillion.

What’s Next?

Our community is already working towards improving its representation and we hope to see this program become a success. Devcon Scholars will continue to contribute and enrich the Infinite Garden, and you can stay updated on future plans by following @EFNextBillion.

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