“Introducing Tidepay-Powered Crypto Rewards App for Exclusive Experiences from ATH Vodka”


ATH Vodka Launches Innovative ATH Rewards App, Powered by Tidepay and Web3 Technology

Global spirits brand ATH Vodka is taking customer engagement to the next level with the release of its ATH Rewards app. Developed in partnership with Tidepay, this innovative loyalty program utilizes web3 technology and the ATH token to offer users exclusive lifestyle rewards.

As the primary incentivization mechanism, the ATH token allows users to earn rewards such as discounts on ATH products, access to live events, music festivals, supercar trips, weekends away, and even yacht hire. This decentralized approach ensures a seamless and transparent rewards system for ATH Vodka customers.

To further optimize their web3 strategy, ATH Vodka has committed to using 10% of their revenue to buy back and burn ATH tokens. Additionally, a portion of their profits will be directed towards charitable causes, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility.

The ATH Rewards app is a prime example of how traditional brands can integrate with emerging technologies to provide unparalleled value to their customers. This partnership between a luxury spirits brand and blockchain technology sets a precedent for other global brands to explore the limitless possibilities of web3.

With its innovative approach to customer engagement and commitment to social responsibility, ATH Vodka is solidifying its position as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of digital incentives and exclusive rewards.

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