Investigation Launched Against CPM Leader for Aiding Crypto-Fraud Suspect Flee India


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On 05 August 2023, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) began an investigation against a CPM leader from Thrissur who is alleged to have aided the accused in a crypto-currency fraud case to flee the country.

The CPM leader is an area committee member and a former elected representative of a local body in Thrissur. According to reports, the leader assisted the Wayanad native, accused of embezzling Rs 50 crores in a crypto-currency fraud case, to avoid law enforcement agencies and move abroad with the help of a senior cop named in the Monson Mavunkal Case.

It is said that the senior cop intervened to prevent the Kerala Police from issuing a lookout notice against the Wayanad native, allowing sufficient time for him to flee the country. It is believed that the Wayanad native had been introduced to the CPM leader through a mediator from Thrissur. In exchange for their help, he agreed to pay Rs 2.5 crores to the CPM leader and senior cop.

It is understood that the CPM leader had given Rs 1 crore to the cop and Rs 50 lakh to the mediator. Later, some police officers reportedly brought the incident to the ED’s attention, who questioned the mediator in Thrissur.

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