Investor Buying Power Reaches 6-Month High with Shiba Memu Leading the Way


Investors are now turning to on-chain data to try and predict the next bull run of the crypto market. This rise in exchange buying power is being driven by whales, and many investors are looking to take advantage of the current dip. One crypto project that has seen remarkable investment in its recent presale is Shiba Memu – a project that seeks to marry the world of AI with meme coins.

The presale has already hit $3.6 million and is expected to attract more investment. Shiba Memu stands out due to its AI-driven project that doesn’t rely on human effort. AI algorithms are used to create a self-sustaining marketing machine, feeding on the meme-inspired world to drive adoption for SHMU. It will also offer staking and interaction with decentralised applications (dApps).

The AI narrative is growing, with news of Google investing $2 billion in Artificial Intelligence startup Anthropic. This is further proof of the mainstream adoption of AI, and with blockchain continuing to grow, Shiba Memu sits nicely at the intersection of these two technologies.

The presale is still open and anyone interested in learning more can do so by reading the whitepaper or by joining the presale.

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