investors urged to stay cautious “Caution Urged as Cryptocurrency Scams Increase Among Investors”


A recent United Nations report has highlighted the alarming trend of cryptocurrency exchanges and online gambling platforms being used for illegal activities, specifically money laundering. This poses a major threat as these platforms are becoming increasingly difficult to regulate and monitor.

One victim of this growing problem is Angela Sloan, a resident of York County, who fell victim to a cryptocurrency scam while battling cancer. Sloan invested hundreds of dollars into a digital platform after being approached on Facebook. However, she later found out that the platform was fake and the money she invested was gone.

This is not an isolated incident, as even federal agencies have been deceived by complex crypto scams. Bezalel Raviv, co-founder of Lionsgate Network, specializes in tracking and recovering stolen cryptocurrency funds. According to Forbes, their firm has successfully identified and intercepted fraudulent crypto accounts.

However, the issue is not just limited to tracking and recovering stolen funds. It also involves working with law enforcement agencies to catch the perpetrators and prevent such scams from happening in the future. Unfortunately, this is proving to be a challenge as there are limited partnerships between firms like Lionsgate Network and law enforcement agencies.

Despite these challenges, efforts are being made to address the issue. Both Raviv and Sloan are advocating for better communication and collaboration between firms like Lionsgate Network and law enforcement agencies. In the meantime, the public is advised to exercise caution when dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges and online gambling platforms.

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