It’s Official – Devconnect Returns to Istanbul


Greetings Ethereum developers and researchers,

At the inaugural Devconnect event held in Amsterdam in 2022, we had the chance to come together and engage in meaningful conversations and workshops that had a meaningful impact on the Ethereum ecosystem. After the positive feedback from attendees, it’s with great pleasure that we can announce that Devconnect is returning this year – and it’s to be held in Istanbul 🇹🇷!

What is Devconnect?

Devconnect is a week-long series of Ethereum events with a unique focus. The aim of the gathering is to create an opportunity for the Ethereum community to come together in smaller groups and have deep discussions and conversations that will lead to progress in the specific topics. The events will be hosted by experts in the domain and our team will help coordinate the logistics and minimize overlap of similar topics.

Devconnect is an ideal candidate to apply the concept of “subtraction” and we can’t wait to see the progress and impact that can be made during this week. If you’re interested in hosting an event, make sure to keep an eye out for more information and resources.

Why Istanbul 🇹🇷

We evaluated a variety of potential locations for hosting Devconnect 2023, visiting various venues and checking for availability. Eventually the decision was made to bring the event to Istanbul, the stunning city at the intersection of two continents. Accessibility is a key priority and obtaining visas will be relatively easy, there’s a major airport to welcome visitors from around the world, and the local metro is efficient and convenient.

We understand that the recent earthquakes have been a source of devastation for Southeast Turkey and Northwest Syria, and our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones or their homes. Our decision to host the event in Istanbul is an effort to show our support of the region and we encourage everyone to contribute to the donations listed by members of the Ethereum community.

Istanbul’s mix of culture, history, and modernity make it the perfect backdrop for the global Ethereum developer community to come together and collaborate, driving innovation for Ethereum.


Save the date: Devconnect IST, November 13-19, 2023.

Visit our website and Twitter for more updates and details! In the meantime, check out the other community events happening this year.

EF Devconnect team

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