“Jasmy announces groundbreaking collaboration with Panasonic”


Jasmy has recently announced a partnership with tech giant Panasonic, resulting in a surge in the price of their cryptocurrency, JASMY, to above $0.023. This collaboration, announced on Tuesday, March 26, aims to create a Web3-based platform connecting personal information with Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The news was shared by Jasmy’s CFO Hara on Twitter, stating that they will spend 3-6 months developing a platform that will integrate personal data, decentralized databases, and IoT devices to create a highly secure storage and sharing of personal information.

The platform will combine Jasmy’s ‘Personal Data Locker’ with Panasonic’s IoT expertise and technology. According to the press release, the platform will utilize agile development methods and Web3 technology to enhance the efficiency of app and service development.

Both companies plan to release more details about the partnership in the future.

The announcement of this groundbreaking partnership has caused a significant increase in JASMY’s price, with a surge of over 12% and trading volume of $203 million in 24 hours. The cryptocurrency reached a high of $0.026 in early March and is currently up by 750% since its all-time low in December 2022.

While JASMY has gained attention from the investing community, it is still far from its all-time high of $4.79 reached in February 2021.

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