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Mad Money Host Jim Cramer According to him, he would never invest in crypto in a million years. He He urged the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to do an extensive audit of the crypto industry and called investors who buy multiple altcoins “idiots.”

Jim Cramer’s Crypto Warnings

CNBC’s Mad Money Host Jim Cramer This warning was extended to cryptocurrency. Cramer He is an ex-hedge fund manager and co-founder of Thestreet.com, a website that offers financial news and literacy. He He appeared on CNBC on Friday and said:

I wouldn’t invest in cryptocurrency in a million years, because I don’t trust deposit banks.

He He was then asked to make a distinction between centralized and non-centralized platforms. “They fought against regulation. They didn’t want regulation and you don’t have regulation,” Cramer Responding, he said that he does not trust platforms that don’t want regulation.

The Mad Money host went on to say:

I’m Merely saying that you use a lot of blind belief. Check Check to make sure my balance is correct It It feels great.

“Try to get your money out,” He also advised cryptocurrency investors. “It was a fight to get the money out, a fight!”

Cramer proclaimed:

I think that everyone who has these coins, such as solana or litecoin is an idiot. I didn’t go to college to become stupid. These People who have these items shouldn’t own them. They They shouldn’t be yours.

Jim Cramer Urges SEC To Do Extensive Crypto Audit

Cramer Comment also on US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler It is stated that the existing securities laws are sufficient to regulate the crypto industry. He Wants the SEC to “come and enforce” Crypto companies

The Mad Money Host added:

I believe they should do a full audit. They You cannot stop people creating wealth.

“It is the manufacture of money by scoundrels. I don’t think swindlers should create money and then take advantage of people. They are worse than even the worst Nasdaq stocks,” Cramer concluded.

The Mad Money Host used to invest in bitcoin, Ethereum, and other non-fungible tokens, but he sold all his crypto last year. Cramer Investors are cautioned to stay away from speculative assets such as cryptocurrencies. Federal Reserve Continued tightening of the economy Earlier He advised investors to get rid of cryptocurrency this month, stressing that it’s never too late. “a horrible position.”

What What do you think about? Jim Cramer’s Warnings about the potential dangers of investing in cryptocurrency Let Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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