Jimmy Wales Trolled After Claiming Banks Superior to Bitcoin


Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, recently criticized Bitcoin (BTC) by comparing it to traditional banks. In a tweet on X, he wrote, “I forgot my bank password and lost my entire net worth. No, actually, that didn’t happen, because banks work and bitcoin doesn’t.” His comments quickly went viral and sparked a heated debate within the cryptocurrency community.

In response, Samson Mow, a well-known Bitcoin proponent, said, “If Wikipedia just bought #Bitcoin a few years ago like I suggested, you wouldn’t have to beg for donations every year in perpetuity.” Eric Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, also weighed in, stating, “Wikipedia no longer needs to beg for donations whenever users arrive at the site. No, actually, they still do, because Wikipedia didn’t buy any Bitcoin ten years ago when we told you about it.”

Surprisingly, Twitter user Walker, host of Titcoin podcast, revealed that Jimmy Wales owns Bitcoin.

It’s worth noting that the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia, stopped accepting cryptocurrency donations in 2022 due to the environmental impact and reputational risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

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