Justin Sun to Make Public Debut Trading Meme Coins Like PEPE: Is Now the Best Time to Copy Trade?


Justin Sun, the vocal cryptocurrency supporter and cofounder of Tron, The chief executive officer (CEO), of BitToRrent, says he’ll start actively trading memes, like PEPE.

Justin Sun Eying Meme Coins

In a Tweet on May 11, Sun, He is known as a crypto whale who has held and transferred colossal amounts of coins. Now, he will begin trading meme coins, promising projects and other cryptocurrency directly from his public address. All profits will be donated as a form of disclaimer.

He has an eye on the same coin, or project may not even be listed, despite its potential. Some of the earliest and most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges list hundreds of tokens. The executive chair is a powerful position.

It is not clear which project Sun is referring to. It was not possible to determine which of the co-founder’s crypto addresses he would use when trading meme coin. Sun has also been involved in projects on public networks such as Ethereum, along with other people.

Tron Co-founder Warned By Binance

Following a warning from Changpeng Zhao, The CEO of Binance, the world’s largest exchange by client count and trading volumes, Sun reversed the transfer of $56 million he made in early May. There were concerns about Sun’s plan was to grab a token amount of SUI (the native currency of the Sui Network.

WhaleAlert flagged Sun’s bulk $56 million transfer in TUSD. Before Zhao said, Binance would be held accountable if he purchased SUI in bulk. Binance clarified that they wanted an airdrop fair to include retailers who are active and not just passive, “just a few crypto whales.”

Users can stake crypto assets such as SUI to provide liquidity before receiving stake rewards.

Sun then apologized. The transfer was huge, but the error was not admitted. The real intention of the TUSD stablecoin was to make it more marketable.

Regrettably, some of our team members did not know the full purpose of these funds, and they used them inadvertently to participate in exchange campaign. Upon realizing the error, we immediately contacted our exchange team to arrange for a refund.

It is not immediately obvious how Sun will see how the community reacts to his purchases. Even so, what’s clear is that his addresses, like those of other influential crypto founders like Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, will allow you to track and copy the trades.

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