Kaspa value surging after new exchange listings


Kaspa is a cryptocurrency that has seen a surge in value this March. It has become one of the most successful digital assets in the sector, with its highest level reaching $0.023, which was a rise of 2,400% from its lowest point in November last year. Its market cap has also grown to more than $397 million.

What Is Kaspa?

Kaspa is an up-and-coming cryptocurrency that is hoping to be the perfect alternative to Bitcoin. This proof-of-work coin is aiming to become one of the most popular in the crypto world. Its block time is only one second and there is a maximum of 28 billion coins.

It is unclear why Kaspa has experienced such a sharp rise in value in March. However, it could be because of the fact that many cryptocurrency exchanges have recently begun listing the coin. For instance, Gate.io listed the coin and enabled KAS/USDT trading pairs in March.

Kaspa has also been welcomed by other exchanges such as DigiFinex and XT.com. On Tuesday, HotBit added the coin, making it easier for users to access. Looking at CoinMarketCap data shows that the majority of KAS/USDT pairs were traded in MEXC, which has a 54% market share. Other major providers of the coin are Txbit, Gate.io and CoinEx.

Kaspa’s rally is also due to the overall strength of the crypto market. Bitcoin’s average household income rose to $28,500 in March while the total market capital of all digital coins increased to more than $1.2 trillion.

Kaspa Price Prediction

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