KuCoin to List Islamic Coin in Hours


Islamic Coin is set to be listed on KuCoin, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, on October 10th. The Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency is committed to improving access to financial services while also keeping energy consumption in check in line with the United Nations’ directives.

The crypto project has been actively participating in several prominent events throughout the past year, such as the Youth International Conference and COP27, in order to build relationships. Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi, the Chief Executive Officer of Islamic Coin, recently said in a press release: “We look forward to establishing more partnerships with leading exchanges, to bring the benefits of Shariah-compliant finance to the Muslim community and beyond.”

In addition, Islamic Coin has announced a strategic partnership with the DDCAP Group in order to integrate with Islamic banks all over the world. The native currency of Haqq, which is devoted to ethical investment practices (10% of issuance goes to charity), will be listed on KuCoin for the first time.

The crypto market news comes shortly after Islamic Coin had a public sale on Republic, a subsidiary of OpenDeal Inc. The project, which is focused on seamless transactions and Shariah-compliant financial instruments, had raised an impressive $400 million in a private sale, as per the press release.

Islamic Coin has also made several partnerships with organizations such as Fambras, Pyypl, Sushi, and Holiday Swap. Members of the UAE ruling families, including Juma bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, have joined the project’s advisory board.

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