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The Protocol Support Team is launching a grant session to back the upcoming Ethereum KZG Ritual.

The KZG Ritual This is a unified public ceremony which will serve as a cryptographic base for Ethereum Projects such as scaling up EIP-4844. Read Learn more about the Ritual Get involved in the trial version There You can receive financial assistance in two ways to help you contribute at a higher level:

  • Write your own implementation
  • Harvesting entropy generated by non-traditional sources, or through a uniquely designed process

APPLY BEFORE JANUARY 31 Or, you can read the below

Writing Implement it yourself

The The best way to avoid a wide-reaching bug in a ritual is to use as many implementations as possible. This This reduces the likelihood of single failures and other related risks. Hence To this end, we are interested in funding various implementations, particularly those with features:

  • BLS implementations custom/bespoke
  • Auditable code
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Good generation of randomness
  • unique languages ​​and compilers
  • Out-of-the box deployments at the start of the contribution phase (which begins in early) January Lasting approximately two months.

This Ceremony has been designed to make it as easy as possible for people to participate. We encourage everyone take a look at The specifications.

Our Proposed funding requests for comprehensive implementations start at $500 and go up to $10k.

Unique Methods of contribution

We We can help you ensure that the final result of the Ritual is Fair by harvesting randomness (entropy), and then ensuring its destruction in an artistic way. We We are open to receiving proposals for:

  • Unique forms of Entropy can be collected
  • This is what entropy does to the Ritual
  • You can end entropy
  • The above is documented in a credible/verifiable fashion (e.g. Video proof, blog post with images, written records, etc.

Send a proposal

Anyone Anyone who believes they can achieve the above points is encouraged and encouraged to apply for this grant session, either as an individual or in a group.

Grants Each case will be considered individually and awarded on a rolling basis. You As long as each proposal is unique, you can submit more than 1 proposal.

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