Last-Minute Crypto Gifts to Impress Tech-Savvy and Crypto Beginners


Cryptocurrency has become a popular topic in recent times, especially with Bitcoin’s rising influence. A report from Bitcoin financial services firm Unchained revealed that one in four Americans already own Bitcoin, and 95 percent of the 400 investors surveyed in the U.S. stated they would consider buying Bitcoin in 2024.

Given the increased interest in crypto, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that crypto-related gifts may be popular this holiday season. Hardware wallets like Ledger, for instance, have sold 6.5 million devices worldwide, and are ideal for techies who wish to securely store their digital assets. Research firm Mardor Intelligence found that the demand for hardware wallets is increasing, and that the market size is expected to grow from $36 billion this year to $1.43 billion by 2028.

Hot storage wallets or software wallets with crypto already stored on them may also be gifted. Komodo Wallet recently added the integration of a fiat-on ramp for the wallet, allowing users to purchase cryptocurrency using traditional fiat currency. Similarly, Coinbase Wallet has introduced a new feature that lets users transfer certain cryptocurrencies through a link that can be sent through social media and messaging apps.

Earnings Bitcoin rewards is also gaining traction. According to Alfred Moesker, host of “Los Cardano Podcast”, memecoins are often inexpensive to purchase but have the potential to increase in value significantly. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may also be popular this holiday season, as an NFT collection featuring Donald Trump is likely to spark curiosity. Wearables that leverage blockchain technology may also top holiday gift lists, such as the “Frillz” collection of bracelets and necklaces created by Cathy Hackl and Simone Faurschou.

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