LATOKEN Enhances Platform with Innovative Tools for Safer and Easier Crypto Trading


LONDON (UK) / ACCESSWIRE December 28, 2022 / LATOKEN is the leading global exchange for startup tokens. (CCC LATOKEN USD) To make cryptocurrency trading easier and safer, innovative features have been added to their platform.

1. LATOKEN adds bank card payments for crypto transactions.

LATOKEN, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced that it is reopening its purchase of popular coins such as USDT, BTC, and other currencies with bank cards. With LATOKEN, users can buy cryptocurrency as simply as providing their card details. They can purchase cryptocurrency starting at $20 and trade over 500 cryptocurrencies on the platform.

In order to accept bank card payments, LATOKEN has partnered up with trusted exchangers such as Banxa, Transak, and Wert. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also available. “We are delighted to provide our users with this convenient and simple way of buying cryptocurrency with their bank cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay. This makes it possible for even more people to join the ever-growing crypto community and take advantage of trading on LATOKEN” – LATOKEN CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy.

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2. Latoken introduces LA Staking for trading fee discounts or rewards

Latoken is also pleased to announce the launch of LA staking to give its users discounted trading fees. This new feature allows users to get discounts on trading fees by staking LA, the native token of the platform. The amount of discount depends on how much LA the user stakes. For example, if a user stakes 10,000 LA they will receive 10% off their trading fees. If they stake 50,000 LA, they will get 20% off. Staking LA not only allows users to get discounted trading fees but also serves as a yield farming and gas for cross-chain platforms Lachain.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new engagement feature to our users,” Valentin PreobrazhenskiyCEO of Latoken. “It not only provides them with the opportunity to save on their trades, but it also gives them the chance to earn rewards in the form of additional LA tokens. We believe this is a great way to incentivize our users to interact with the platform and support the growth of our ecosystem.” To start staking LA and get discounted trading fees, users just need to go to the Latoken website and create an account. From there, they can easily stake their LA and start earning rewards. Start staking LA on Latoken today and begin saving on your trading fees!

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3. Latoken CEX makes it easy to discover and trade DEX tokens on a secure and easy-to-use platform.

The Latoken crypto exchange is pleased to announce a new feature that makes it easier to discover and trade decentralized exchange (DEX) tokens. Our platform now offers a comprehensive list of DEX tokens, allowing users to find and trade the assets they want with the simplicity of CEX. With this new feature, Latoken CEX users can access a wide range of DEX tokens, including those created on popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, and more. This means that users can now trade a wider variety of assets that are not available on centralized exchanges. In addition to facilitating the discovery and trading of DEX tokens, Latoken CEX

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