Bitcoin Dogs (0DOG) is set to launch its highly anticipated BRC-20 token presale on February 14, 2024. This will be the first ever ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain and will last for 30 days. The project aims to bring a new NFT and gaming ecosystem to Bitcoin, with its native token 0DOG being one of the most anticipated upcoming token sales.

Scheduled to launch at 11 am GMT on Wednesday, Bitcoin Dogs has been generating a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency community. But what exactly is Bitcoin Dogs?

Bitcoin Dogs is a cryptocurrency project that will be launched on the Bitcoin blockchain. It combines the exciting world of crypto gaming and NFTs into a powerful ecosystem that utilizes Bitcoin’s pioneering network. While there have been some projects that have launched as layer-2 chains with the introduction of Ordinals, Bitcoin Dogs will be the first to have a BRC-20 presale on the original blockchain.

This makes 0DOG the first ever token to achieve this feat. The project features an engaging metaverse game where players can collect and raise virtual pets, as well as a play-to-earn (P2E) system where users can earn 0DOG tokens.

With its innovative Ordinals technology, Bitcoin Dogs offers a dog lovers’ paradise on the blockchain. The project also has plans for key partnerships in the gaming industry and a cross-chain bridge.

The 0DOG presale will run for 30 days starting from February 14, 2024. The token will debut at $0.015 in stage 1, with a programmed three-day increase that will culminate in the final stage 10 end date of March 15, 2024. According to the project’s whitepaper, the presale price will rise to $0.0404 by the final stage.

During the presale, 810 million tokens (90% of the total supply) will be available for purchase by the community. Any unsold 0DOG tokens will be burned at the end of the presale.

The launch of Bitcoin Dogs comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bounce, with Bitcoin’s price recording its best weekly returns in over four months. The sentiment around spot Bitcoin ETFs and the upcoming halving in April are also seen as positive catalysts for the project.

With all the excitement and anticipation surrounding the 0DOG presale, can Bitcoin Dogs overtake its rival project, Bitcoin Cats? Only time will tell. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin Dogs, you can check out their whitepaper or join the waitlist to stay updated on all key events and updates.

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