LayerZero Launches 2024 Token with Planned Airdrop


LayerZero has officially confirmed that its native token will launch in the first half of 2024. The news has generated a surge in metrics for LayerZero projects, with Radiant Capital and Stargate Finance both seeing a 10% increase in value.

In order to promote its ecosystem projects, LayerZero will be giving out an airdrop to users. Those who use LayerZero based platforms can be eligible for rewards. The specifics of the airdrop have yet to be revealed, creating an air of anticipation among users.

Registration for the ZRO token distribution has opened and will close on December 15th. The amount of the distribution will depend on the amount of money in the user’s wallet.

These developments from LayerZero are sure to make the first half of 2024 an exciting time for the crypto community, as they await the token launch and airdrop rewards.

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