LBank Brings Crypto Knowledge to Mumbai’s TechFest


INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, December 24, 2022, Chainwire

TargetLBankOne of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges is showcasing its presence at Asia’s largest technology gathering in Mumbai.

TechFest IIT Mumbai is Asia’s biggest tech event, where crypto-influencers from around the world meet with representatives from government and the media to share their knowledge and insights with the global Blockchain and Crypto communities. It It is one of the most prestigious gatherings in the international crypto/blockchain space.

FurthermoreThis festival brings together blockchain enthusiasts and young minds in one place to spread awareness about the industry. The TechFest IIT Bombay International Blockchain Summit is sponsored by LBankThe global cryptocurrency exchange. This TechFest is a three day event that brings together students, alumni, and tech geeks. It is said to be the heart of the summit.

LBank TechFest: Live session
In In particular, major cryptocurrency exchange LBank Knowledge sharing is an important aspect of the blockchain space. With The company is involved in the discussion panel with the primary objective of educating the community. “The technology and environmental impact of Blockchain”. This The second day will be a discussion with industry mentors.

The The summit is about understanding and learning the future trends and red flags in the blockchain space. In In addition, LBank The festival is a great way to meet mentors, peers, idols, and gain professional growth.

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HoweverThe exchange would love to celebrate the participation of the community and give away some freebies for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With So many people are so enthusiastic about joining LBankThe first day of the event began well. The Participants showed great interest to learn more about the potential uses of blockchain technology.

About LBank
Bank This is a major cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2015. It Users can securely sell, buy, receive, hold, and transfer on the platform. Bitcoin Other cryptocurrencies. With Over 7 Million Users, LBank It offers a wide variety of payment options with competitive transaction fees. This lowers the barrier to entry and encourages greater adoption.

The Platform supports over 800 trading pairs and more that 149 fiat currencies. It Provides services in the areas of cryptocurrency trading, financial derivatives specialized, and professional asset-management services. LBankIts strong ecosystem allows users leverage and build a complete portfolio.

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