LBank Unveils Crypto Credit Card Launch


LBank, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency credit card, aiming to push the limits of crypto payments. It comes in both physical and virtual forms, enabling users to pay for products and services with the cryptocurrencies provided by LBank. Additionally, it supports local cash withdrawals with no limits on spending or withdrawals.

The card will be available to LBank’s 9 million users from Q3 2023, with VIP members having early access. Prior to the release of the card, LBank has released information regarding fees and charges. Users can also order the card from the LBank website, with several versions offered, including a metallic edition. Cashback of up to 2% is available to card holders.

Eric He, LBank’s founder, expressed that the launch is a significant step towards the vision of safer digital assets and a more free circulation.

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