LEND Finance Integrates with LayerZero for Exclusive Partnership


Cross-chain lending protocol LEND Finance has announced an exclusive integration with omnichain interoperability platform LayerZero. This brings fresh possibilities to the complex field of cross-chain lending.

LEND will tap into LayerZero’s Ultra Light Nodes (ULNs) to make it easy and cost-effective for its users. As it was reported last week, the original plan was to launch LEND with cross-chain protocol router Multichain, but the platform recently announced it was shutting its operations.

In its announcement, LEND Finance said the partnership with LayerZero “brings fresh possibilities to the complex field of cross-chain lending”. Users will be able to borrow and lend assets on any chain, as well as move to the most favourable rates with just one click. This allows for an efficient lending and borrowing process with maximized DeFi earnings.

LayerZero’s ULNs will provide users with cross-chain messaging and instant access to liquidity on any chain, all made possible with single-click functionality. This streamlined process also comes with security checks.

This integration is an exciting development, allowing for easy and cost-effective lending and borrowing on LEND Finance.

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