LINA Token Price Skyrockets: Here’s What’s Driving the Increase


LINA’s price has seen a remarkable surge in recent days, reaching a record high of $0.02623, which is 365% higher than its lowest point this year. But why has the Linear Finance token been performing so well?

The Linear Finance DEFI Platform provides a cross-chain trading platform for digital assets, offering features such as Linear Buildr, Linear Exchange, Linear Swap and Linear Vault. Over $17 Million in total value is locked in the platform, and this could be one of the factors driving the token’s price.

Additionally, the project is particularly active on social media; data from LunaCrush shows that it is one of the most discussed projects on platforms like Twitter, Reddit and StockTwits. Historically, tokens that have been popular on social media have seen a price increase.

CoinMarketCap also reports that LINA is a top-trending coin on its platform.

The daily chart shows that the LINA crypto has been on a bullish trend for the past few months. It managed to break through the resistance level of $0.0194 this week, and volume and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) are both moving in an upwards direction. There is a high probability that the token will test the support level at $0.175 again and resume its bullish trend.

To purchase LINA, users can either use Swapzone, which acts as a portal between the cryptocurrency and exchange community, or Bitvavo, a platform launched in 2018 to make digital assets easily accessible.

As the LINA token continues to gain momentum, it will be interesting to see how the price develops in the coming weeks.

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