“Linera Unveils Public Devnet, Brings Microchain Technology to Rust Developers”


Linera, a blockchain protocol based in San Francisco, California, has announced the deployment of their Devnet. This innovative protocol, founded by Mathieu Baudet, a former Meta researcher and infrastructure engineer, brings unprecedented horizontal scalability to the web3 world.

Linera’s unique microchain model grants each individual user wallet their own lightweight chain, streamlining web3 app interactions and allowing for easy access to user data. These microchains are small enough to be copied onto mobile devices and browser extensions, making it easier for applications to access and store user assets.

Unlike traditional blockchains, which grow by increasing the size or production rate of blocks, Linera’s system grows by adding chains. This innovative approach, along with dynamically expanding validators, unlocks horizontal scalability for web3 apps that need to support unlimited users and real-time interactions.

Linera’s Devnet, targeting Rust WebAssembly developers and built on WasmVirtual Machine, is now available for testing. Developers can test their projects using a limited number of test validators operated by the Linera Core team. The next step is to test and deploy on Linera, streamlining the development process and providing a more efficient platform for building prototypes on the cutting edge of web3.

According to Baudet, the founder of Linera, their goal is to redefine the web3 landscape by prioritizing the needs and experiences of end users. The company has raised $12 million in seed funding, with support from investors like Borderless Capital, Laser Digital Ventures, Flow Traders, GSR Markets, a16z cryptocurrency team, Tribe Capital, and Cygni Capital.

One of the developers testing their application on Linera’s Devnet is Zhao KK, the founder of ResPeer, a peer-to-peer content publishing platform. Zhao KK praises Linera’s unique architecture and support for Rust, stating that it has significantly accelerated their development process and freed them from maintaining their own backend infrastructure.

The introduction of Linera’s Devnet is an important step towards providing the blockchain community with infrastructure that guarantees performance for an unlimited number of users. It reinforces Linera’s commitment to providing developers with robust tools and a versatile environment for innovation.

Using the popular Rust programming language, Linera’s microchains are built with a focus on end users, ensuring optimal performance for web3 applications. To learn more about Linera’s development and SDK, visit www.linera.io/developers.

About Linera:
Linera is the first low latency blockchain that can scale elastically. Founded by Mathieu Baudet, a former Meta/Novi engineer and researcher with a Ph.D. in cryptographic protocol, Linera’s microchains, removal of mempools, and minimization of validator interactions revolutionize blockchain scaling. This optimization allows for unprecedented horizontal scaling for various use cases, such as retail payments, micro-payments in gaming, messaging, proprietary trading, and blockchain bridges.

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