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Noteworthy Update

On July 21.2021: Through the Ropsten Network, different transaction validation rules were implemented than Besu OpenEthereum. As a result, a number of affected clients released new versions, which were linked in the “Client Versions” Table below. The block number for London remains unchanged at 12 965 000. Node Operators should update to the latest version if they are using an affected client.

An overview of the problem can be found in the “Ropsten Consensus Problem” section.


After a successful testnet deployment, London is available on the Ethereum mainnet. The Block is expected to launch between August 3-5, 2021 at block number 12,965,000.

Client Versions

In order to be compatible with the London Update, Node Operators should update their client’s version. The following table lists the versions of each client that are supported by London on the Ethereum mainnet. Please note that there may be some changes to the releases previously announced. Older versions of clients are not compatible with London on mainnet.

Client Version Number Click Download the PDF
go-ethereum (geth) 1.10.5 1.10.6 Download
Nether Remember 1.10.77 1.10.79 Download
Erigon Turbo An acronym for TurboGeth) 2021.07.03-alpha 2021.07.04-alpha Download
Kiss 21.7.1 21.7.2 Download
OpenEthereum (fka Parity) v3.3.0-rc.4 Common Questions

As An Ethereum Or, Ether HolderWhat do I need to do?

It’s possible to exchange (or buy) Ether via Coinbase, KrakenOr Binance), a web wallet service (like MetamaskMyCrypto and MyEtherWallet), a mobile wallet service (like Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet), or a hardware wallet (such as Ledger, TrezorYou KeepKey and any other exchange. Unless your wallet or service requests it, there is no need to make any changes.

For Non-Mining Node Operators, What Should Be Done?

Download the most recent version of your Ethereum ClientAs shown in this table.You ThenYou will need to manually adjust the gas limit to double its current value. This Because Once London If If the block size is active it will double. EIP-1559 keeps 50% of the blocks filled. This It This can be done with JSON-RPC for all clients that support mainnet compatible miners

For Example: If Before London You Previous blocks had a limit of 15,000,000 in size. Now To maintain the same block’s average transaction count, you will need to set a limit of 30 million gas. If While You can decrease the block size within the network but you cannot adjust your gas cap after block 12,965,000. The The The following table shows the API calls you should make in order to update your gas limit target.

Note: Nethermind, Erigon?, and EthereumJS doesn’t support mining on the Ethereum mainnet.

What Occurs if I Don’t Participate in the Upgrade?

If You Use an Ethereum Client That has not been updated (mentioned earlier) will be synchronized with the pre-fork Blockchain Once the update has been completed. You You Will be locked in an incompatible link and cannot send. Ether Trade On the Ethereum Network post-update

What Network improvements are in the Ethereum space?

An An upgrade to a network can be a major change in the underlying Ethereum Protocol is a new set rules created to improve the system. The Blockchain Systems are distributed, making it difficult for upgrades. Network Upgrades Only cooperation between the community and developers of the various applications is possible when blockchain technology is used. Ethereum Clients You will need to have a smooth transition.

What happens during a network update?

Once Once Once the community has approved the changes, the protocol updates have been sent to all parties. Ethereum Geth One of our clients Erigon, BesuAnD Nethermind. Protocol Block numbers are the trigger for any changes. Any Nodes The rules that were not updated to the current set of rules will continue to be followed by the original rules.

Why “London”?

After IstanbulWe We have exhausted all names available for network upgrades. It It It was highly recommended Devcon Updates Check out these city namesWe Did it! You can find london here devcon 1 It This took place. Followed To Berlin Devcon 0.


Many Thanks To all those involved in research, planning, implementation, and testing. London 😁 🇬🇧

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It This This is an emerging and highly technical space. If If It is important to fully understand the impact of this article on your life before you follow the advice. You It It is vital to be aware of the potential risks. By You You are responsible solely for any consequences that may result from following these recommendations. This Publication These recommendations and sales are not intended to be used as a means of selling and they do NOT constitute warranties. Ethereum network or the Ethereum Clients These are cited in this document.

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