Long-Dormant Ethereum Wallet Awakens After 7 Years


  • The address received coins on 30/09/2018 and at the time, the Ethereum (ETH) ICO price was $0.31.
  • The address wealth has jumped from $733 to over $4.4 million on 23 April 2023.
  • Last week, a Satoshi era wallet returned after 10+ years.

A dormant Ethereum wallet that was involved in the crypto’s initial coin offering (ICO) has finally transacted after 7.7 years, according to on-chain data.

The address, which was sent 2,365 ETH on 30/09/2018, had been inactive since July 2015. On Sunday, 23 April 2023, the wallet made its first ETH transfer, sending the single ETH for $1,868 to another address.

Taking into account the ICO price at the time of $0.31, the wallet’s value has ballooned from $733 to over $4.4 million.

An Ethereum ICO participant woke up after 7.7 years of dormancy and transferred 1 $ETH to a new address. He received 2,365 $ETH ($4.42M currently) at Ethereum Genesis, the ETH ICO price [was] ~$0.31,” on-chain data tracker Lookonchain tweeted.

Ethereum Price traded at a record high of $4,800 by 2021, and reached year-to date highs of $2,100 in this month. Shapella upgrade.

Long-Dormant Bitcoin Wallet Awakens After 10 Years

This week, another mega-dormant address for wallets was activated. This wallet was created during the Satoshi era and contained 1,128 BTC over a period of 10 years. On 21 April 2023, the wallet sent 279 BTC (worth approximately $7.8million) to three new addresses.

Bitcoin price at the time of the wallet’s creation was between $12 and $95.

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