LTC Plunges Below $90.00 as SOL Continues Slide – Crypto Market Update


Litecoin (LTC) fell below the $90.00 threshold on Monday as sentiment in the cryptocurrency markets remains largely bearish. The Global market cap was down by 1.87% as of this writing. This seems to be due to the upcoming elections and Federal Reserve interest rate decision.

LTC/USD dropped to low at $86.83 earlier in today’s session, which comes 24 hours after trading at a high of $91.39. Today’s drop in price has pushed litecoin to its weakest point since last Wednesday when the token reached a low price of $84.21.

Looking Chart Monday’s move came as the relative strength index (RSI) fell to a support level at 44.00. At The index was at 44.80 when this article was written. A potential ceiling of 50.00 is a target that bulls could aim for. Should This point is hit, LTC may move back up above $90.00.

In addition to litecoin, solana was also a notable mover in the cryptocurrency market on Monday as the token fell on a third consecutive morning. Following A high of 23.93 dollars on Sunday, SOL/USD fell to a day-low of $22.05 at the start of the trading session. This A bearish spell began after bulls failed to break through a ceiling of $24.00.

One of the factors that contributed to this was the RSI which failed to pass a crucial resistance level at 55.00. As of this writing, the price strength is tracking at 48.58 with the next visible bottom at the 45.00 area. Will Does Solana drop below $20.00 this Week? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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