Lugano and Tether Celebrate ₿ Plan 2 Year Milestone


Over the past 10 days, the Swiss City of Lugano and Tether’s second annual Plan ₿ Summer School has showcased the potential of blockchain through 80 students from 28 countries. The event included two courses – the Satoshi track for those new to the technology and the Pear track for those with more experience in coding and a deeper interest in blockchain technology.

The curriculum covered Bitcoin, stablecoins, the Lightning Network, and other key elements of digital currency. Experts from the industry, including Paolo Ardoino from Tether, provided lectures and insights. At the end of the course, 11 teams presented the projects they developed during the program. Team Kredo won the first prize of 5000 USDT for their Bitcoin-enabled app for bill splitting, while Team ParkPeerz took second place with a 2500 USDT prize for their solution for urban parking problems. Team WeTrust earned third place with their blockchain infrastructure project, for which they were awarded 1500 USDT.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, emphasized the importance of the summer school, saying, “It was inspiring to see students from diverse backgrounds come together. They not only deepened their knowledge but also built practical applications, showcasing the potential of blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies.”

The event also offered students the chance to network with industry representatives. Michele Foletti, Mayor of Lugano, praised the event and its contribution to Lugano’s reputation as a hub for crypto knowledge in Europe. He expressed optimism about the future of cryptocurrency education and said he looked forward to welcoming new students next year.

Tether and Lugano are all set to host the Plan ₿ forum once again in October. This year’s summer school highlighted how initiatives like these are integral to shaping the future of cryptocurrency education.

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