“Macro Expert Predicts Crypto Adoption by 2030 for Billions Worldwide with ‘Perfect Chart'”


Raoul Pal, from Real Vision, predicts that the cryptocurrency user base is on track to reach 4 billion users by 2030, making it the “perfect chart” for exponential growth.

Exponential Adoption Curve

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Pal explains, “The internet, which was the fastest adoption of technology the world had ever seen, grew by 76% per year and then slowed down after year eight to 43% a year.” In comparison, “Crypto has been growing at 137% a year. It’s now at 516 million users versus 187 million of the internet at the same stage.” This highlights the rapid growth in adoption that cryptocurrency is experiencing compared to the early days of the internet.

Projecting Crypto’s Trajectory

Pal also shares his forecasting methodology, stating, “Then what we did is assume that crypto just slows down its growth to the same as the internet. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think it will be faster, but by the end of 2025, we get to 1.1 billion users.”

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By extending this model further and aligning crypto’s growth rate to that of the internet’s post-explosion phase, Pal’s “perfect chart” projects a user base of four billion by 2030, which would encompass half of the world’s projected population.

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Realistic Expectations And Market Implications

While such predictions are often speculative in nature, Pal advises caution, stating, “Will this be perfect or not? It’s been pretty good so far since 2005, when I first displayed this chart. But let’s not assume that it is.” He adds, “These figures are just staggering.”

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