Mainnet Launch of EVM-L2 Platform Rollux Announced by SYS Labs


SYS Labs has announced that the mainnet launch of its EVM-L2 scaling platform Rollux will take place on June 28, 2023. Rollux is an Optimistic rollup fork and aims to provide blockchain users with speed, security, affordability, and scalability.

The mainnet launch follows a successful testnet version and positive feedback from the community. It promises to deliver transactions with two-second finality, secured by Bitcoin.

SYS Labs CEO Jagdeep Sidhu said: “Our vision has always been to bridge the gap between the existing capabilities of blockchain and the needs of users, developers, and enterprises. Rollux is that bridge.”

To enable users to take full advantage of Rollux’s capabilities, SYS Labs has rolled out several products and services, such as the AI-infused social platform SuperDapp, DeFi exchange Pegasys, NFT platform Luxy, and web wallet Pali Wallet. There’s also DAOSYS, a new standard for DAO models, and Camada, a non-custodial, regulatory-compliant asset management tool for institutions and retail.

In addition, the Syscoin ecosystem is set to host multiple partners expected to build on Rollux when the mainnet goes live.

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