“Major Crypto Exchange Merger to Drive Adoption in India: CoinDCX and Koinex Join Forces”


CoinDCX and Koinex, two leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India, have recently announced a merger to address regulatory challenges in the country. This strategic move aims to foster crypto adoption and provide a seamless transition for Koinex users to access their assets through the CoinDCX platform.

The merger ensures a smooth transition process for existing Koinex users, with assets automatically transferred for those with matching KYC details. For users without matching details, a simple onboarding process is in place to facilitate access to their assets. Additionally, a dedicated customer support desk is available to provide personalized assistance throughout the integration process.

As India’s leading FIU-compliant exchange, CoinDCX is committed to fostering a secure and transparent Virtual Digital Asset (VDA) ecosystem in the country. The merger with Koinex highlights their dedication to providing a robust platform for crypto enthusiasts while navigating regulatory challenges. The company also remains open to further partnerships that enhance value for users and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

By merging forces, CoinDCX and Koinex aim to not only address immediate concerns for users but also contribute to the long-term growth and development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in India. This strategic move emphasizes the importance of collaboration and innovation in overcoming regulatory hurdles, ultimately paving the way for broader acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies in the country.

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