“Major Cryptocurrencies Experience Significant Drops as BlockDAG Presale Surges to $6.3 Million”


The crypto market has been experiencing a decline, with many altcoins facing corrections. Specifically, Cardano (ADA) saw a significant 26% decrease in value over the past two weeks, leading to a cautious ADA price prediction. Similarly, Arbitrum’s (ARB) price could potentially decline further due to an upcoming token unlock.

On the other hand, the presale market is thriving, with BlockDAG (BDAG) emerging as a top contender, raising $6.3 million in its presale stages.

Cardano’s price surge and increased network activity were caused by the launch of a new stablecoin, USDM, on its blockchain. However, concerns remain due to a negative MVRV ratio and bearish MACD and MFI indicators, suggesting a possible price correction. The decreasing volatility indicated by Bollinger Bands adds complexity to ADA’s price rally sustainability.

Arbitrum witnessed a significant token unlock on March 16, releasing 1.1 billion tokens worth $2.32 billion to its team, advisors, and investors. This led to whales transferring $58 million worth of tokens to exchanges, contributing to a price drop. Another unlock of 92.65 million tokens, worth $157 million, is scheduled for April 16, which could further impact the token’s market.

BlockDAG (BDAG) gained popularity in the presale market after the release of a viral keynote video, displayed on the screens of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. This led to an influx of over $6.3 million in investments. BlockDAG’s core offerings include BDAG coins, a crypto payment card, and X-series mining rigs. The payment card, accepted at over 38 million locations globally, allows users to spend their BDAG coins and other major cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases. The X-series rigs are environmentally friendly and user-centric, capable of mining various cryptocurrencies and potentially generating daily passive income of $1 to $100.

In response to the overwhelming early investor interest, BlockDAG announced a $2 million mega giveaway shared by 50 lucky community members. To participate, individuals can follow BlockDAG’s social media channels, submit their wallet address, and increase their chances by completing quests and referring friends.

In conclusion, Cardano (ADA) and Arbitrum (ARB) face potential price corrections, while BlockDAG (BDAG) continues to attract significant investment in its presale, driven by its ROI potential and passive income opportunities. For more information on BlockDAG, visit their website and presale page, and join their Telegram community.

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