Making blockchain data more accessible on Azure Marketplace


  • Space and Time and Microsoft are working together to make it easier for Azure customers to access and use blockchain data.
  • A one-click deployment will help bridge blockchain, data assets and AI, the two companies said in a press release.
  • Microsoft had previously invested in Space and Time’s $20 million investment round last September.

Web3 data warehouse Space and Time and tech giant Microsoft have joined forces to make it easier for developers to access blockchain data on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The two companies said in a press release on Wednesday that developers can now access Space and Time’s one-click deployment directly from the Azure marketplace, allowing projects to access, manage and perform analytics on their blockchain-native data securely and easily.

This integration gives businesses the ability to take advantage of decentralised data warehouse technology without having to build new infrastructure. This way, companies can implement use cases on the blockchain without sacrificing compute power or security.

As reported by CoinJournal, Microsoft previously released its Azure Blockchain Tokens platform to help companies quickly create their own blockchain tokens.

Simple, secure access to verifiable data

Making the one-click deployment available on the Azure Marketplace gives developers the chance to hasten the onboarding of enterprise data to the blockchain, the two firms announced.

This includes vast amounts of indexed blockchain data and smart contracts, allowing enterprises to bridge data assets, the blockchain and AI.

 “The demand for verifiable data across blockchains, enterprises and AI is more important than ever. We provide businesses with the ability to integrate blockchain data into their applications and business processes, which is essential for customer growth and ensuring responsible data stewardship.,” Nate Holiday, the CEO & co-founder of Space and Time, noted.

Space and Time’s partnership with Microsoft follows the computing and AI giant’s investment in the data warehouse platform in September 2022. The $20 million investment round Space and Time secured was headed by M12, Microsoft’s venture capital fund.

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