“Mantle Surges as Bitbot Price Predictions Skyrocket with L2 Adoption Boom”


Bitbot (BITBOT) is quickly advancing its presale as the focus turns to its non-custodial trading app on Telegram. Meanwhile, the price of Mantle (MNT), a layer-2 protocol on Ethereum, may target $1 after reaching a new all-time high.

Mantle’s price is rising as layer-2 projects gain more attention. On the other hand, BITBOT, the native token of Telegram’s first non-custodial trading bot, could potentially reach 100x returns as the world’s first non-custodial Telegram app nears its launch.

Telegram trading bots have a combined market cap of $851 million and 24-hour trading volume of $48 million. Some of the top performing bots in the past 24 hours include DeskCheck, PaLM AI, and Banana Gun.

Bitbot has entered stage 4 of its presale and has already raised over $715k. As the market enters the next phase of the bull cycle, the project is expected to gain momentum in the coming weeks. The demand for automated trading is increasing among crypto traders, making Bitbot’s security-focused solution a top choice for investors.

Bitbot’s non-custodial trading platform allows users to trade while maintaining full control over their crypto assets. With the use of MPC technology, users’ assets remain in their cold wallets while they trade. Additionally, Bitbot has partnered with KnightSafe, a decentralized digital assets custody platform, to provide enhanced security and privacy for its users.

Mantle, an Ethereum layer-2 blockchain platform, has seen a significant surge in its native token’s price, reaching an all-time high of $0.948. It has gained nearly 40% in the past 30 days and has a total value locked of over $212 million. The protocol’s growth and the overall L2 ecosystem’s interest could see it strengthen even further, especially with the potential approval of a spot Ethereum ETF by the SEC in May.

As for Bitbot’s price prediction, no other Telegram-based trading bot offers institutional-grade tools for retail investors while also providing non-custodial trading. This unique feature sets Bitbot apart and could potentially bring returns of up to 100x for early adopters post-launch. The success of Bitcoin’s halving, the potential approval of Ethereum’s spot ETF, and other factors could contribute to the crypto bull market and positively impact BITBOT’s price.

To learn more about Bitbot, visit their website.

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