Matt Damon Explains Why He Appeared in’s Controversial Ad


Hollywood star Matt Damon has finally revealed his motivation for appearing in’s notorious “Fortune Favors the Brave” commercial, which was the source of much ridicule.

At the premiere of his new film, Damon spoke to the Associated Press on March 27 and expressed his embarrassment while giving an explanation as to why he was in the ad. According to Damon, his philanthropic project was experiencing a difficult financial situation and the actor wanted to use the ad to help raise money, saying:

”We had a down year in, and I did that commercial in an attempt to raise money for”

Damon partnered with engineer and philanthropist Gary White to launch the initiative in 2009. The project’s objective is to increase access to clean drinking water around the world by providing small loans to finance the purchase and installation of water taps and toilets.

The actor further revealed that he had previously donated his entire salary to when it was in dire straits. He said that heard about this and that the exchange decided to give a $1 million donation of its own.

“I definitely have a lot of gratitude to them, and for what they did for our foundation.”

The commercial, which aired in October 2021, featured Damon alongside iconic figures like the Wright brothers and Sir Edmund Hillary in a digital landscape. It was broadcasted on billboards and TV spots around the world.

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The ad was released in a bad year for crypto and was met with a lot of criticism. Damon has since been the target of numerous jokes, such as those from the TV show South Park and late-night hosts such as Stephen Colbert.

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