Memeinator Launches with $1 Billion Vision to Shake Up Meme Coin Market


London, United Kingdom, September 29th, 2023, Chainwire: Memeinator has already raised $500K in 48 hours and is on its relentless quest to redefine the meme coin market with its AI-driven gameplay, thriving community, and prize offers like a space trip with NASA.

Drawing on a certain timeless ’90s action movie, Memeinator builds a dynamic and solid community of meme coin enthusiasts from the ground up. Over 20,000 people have already signed up on Twitter since the launch of the new website, and lively discussions are ongoing on Telegram, Discord, and other communities.

To ensure the project’s credibility and security, Memeinator is audited by Solid Proof. Based in Germany, the auditor focuses on assessing project protocols, reliability, smart contracts, and KYC assessments for crypto projects. This puts Memeinator alongside UNCX, ShoppingZyberSwap, and other high-profile projects that have been audited.

Memeinator’s tokenomics are designed to ensure the project’s long-term success. The total supply is 1 billion tokens, with a generous portion of this allocated to the community for marketing and competitions to support the presale. An additional 5% will go to exchange liquidity, and the token will be deflationary. The team will implement a burning mechanism as necessary to maintain the current price.

The whitepaper shows that the project is divided into four phases, each meticulously planned. These phases range from team formation, blockchain and smart contract development & marketing launch, through to the presale completion, CEX listings, and the Memeinator game launch. Details of the NFT launch and staking plan will also be revealed during the presale.

Meme Warfare, a ‘shoot-em up’ game powered by AI, will be released next year. Players can step into the game and take part in humor-infused clashes as they blast rival meme coin characters into oblivion. The coins in the game are in accordance with their real life relevance, and a backend “Memescanner” AI will feed data to the game to add a layer of engagement and realism.

In addition to the game launch, Memeinator is offering a trip of a lifetime to a lucky prize winner, including a trip to Virgin Galactic. On Gleam, Memeinator is rewarding its community with NFTs exclusives during its pre-sale. The presale is still ongoing, and users can still participate and win this massive prize.

Memeinator is the antidote against the hundreds and thousands of useless meme coins. With its deflationary token, active community, carefully crafted NFT collections, and AI powered video game, this is real innovation, not just hype. Its purpose is to outshine its rival meme coins and deliver strong returns for its community, both through trading MMTR coin as well as staking.

For more information and to buy Memeinator, visit the official website.

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