Memeinator Raises Over $1M in Record 4 Weeks, Challenges MEME for Top Spot


London, UK, November 6th, 2023, Chainwire – Memeinator is making waves in the crypto space with their mission to reach a $1B market cap. The presale has already raised $1M in under 4 weeks and Stage 5 tokens look to be selling out soon, with the price increasing from $0.0125 to $0.0133 for stage 6.

Memeinator is on track for an early 2024 listing, with several rumors of prominent exchange listings circulating the recent Blockchain Live conference. To build on the momentum, the project has released a referral programme that pays out investors up to 15% on referral fees.

The community manager Dylan Lee shared that: “we’re really happy with the explosive growth of the Memeinator brand as it’s exactly what is needed to drive this presale to close and to get us out and traded on the biggest exchanges. Our roadmap is 100% on track and we’ve just released our referral program, merch store, and the creative team just dropped a rather special product concept video as part of our viral marketing strategy. Seeing the presale pass the $1M has only increased the drive in our team. We can’t wait to share more updates on the presale progress.”

Memeinator has made clear their goal is to disrupt the meme coin trading space and to hit a $1 billion market cap. To achieve this they are using powerful marketing techniques to drive international investment and eventually list the project on Tier 1 exchanges. In addition, they are developing an AI based on sentiment analysis that will fuel the meme coin ‘enemies’ in the upcoming game launch “Meme Warfare: Episode 1 – The Memeinator Chronicles”.

The project has also been noticed by prominent influencers including the No BS Crypto channel who have published reviews. To guarantee trustworthiness and security, Memeinator underwent a thorough audit conducted by Solid Proof.

Currently in Stage 5 of its raise, MMTR tokens are priced at $0.0125. The price will increase to $0.0485 – an overall increase of 288% – before listing on exchanges, which is due in early 2024.

Memeinator is the antidote to the hundreds of throwaway meme coins that lack any legitimate utility. With its deflationary token, engaged community, expertly crafted NFT collection, and AI-powered video game, it offers real innovation instead of just hype. Its purpose is to eclipse its rival meme coins. For more information and to buy Memeinator (MMTR) visit the website.

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