Meta Apes is Now Available on BNB Sidechain


Meta Apes, an online multiplayer mobile game that you can play for free and win big, is now available on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). According to a press release Tuesday, Meta Apes is available for Android users through the Google Play store, while Apple users will have to wait a bit longer.

A ‘Community-Oriented’ Gaming Experience

Meta Apes takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe where apes are trying to expand into space and have already taken over the world. Players must work together in their clans to win the space race and become the top clan.

Taylor Shim, the lead business developer, said in the press release that Meta Apes offers traditional gamers the opportunity to “truly earn and own their in-game assets”. Since it is built on the blockchain, players can benefit from a “much more interactive and enjoyable” experience.

The executive added, “Building on top of an app-centric sidechain helps us avoid many of the common issues seen in blockchain games, such as network congestion, and gives us much more flexibility in terms of game design and tokenomics.”

Switching from Web2 to Web3

Meta Apes harnesses Ankr’s gaming SDK to blend Web2 features that gamers are already familiar with with the incentives, monetization systems, and Web3 principles. The game is designed around blockchain technology, with NFT characters, crypto, and digital properties.

This means that the data of users will be stored on the blockchain, rather than on a server owned by the game studio. That enables players to trade and sell their in-game items, earning as they play.

Ankr’s BAS was also built to ensure superior customer service and low transaction fees. Ankr’s SDKs are a tool that game studios can use to convert their Web2 games into the Web3 age by incorporating NFT and crypto payment technology.

According to the press release, Ankr’s Gaming SDK helped to convert Meta Apes from Web2 to Web3 in less than a week.

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