Metacade Set To Be Listed On Decentralized Crypto Exchanges. Here’s Why You Should Buy MCADE Tokens Now.


Metacade (MCADE) continues to make strides after the latest news regarding the project’s development. The MCADE ICO is expected to take off after the presale is completed, and the new altcoin will be listed on Bitmart exchange and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Bitmart exchange is a top centralized exchange, so MCADE’s long-awaited listing is sure to bring in more buy pressure. Furthermore, the ICO and decentralized crypto exchanges will bring in new ways for users to become part of the Metacade movement.

The Metacade ICO: Bitmart exchange announced and more news on the way

After raising a total of $10.9m in a mere 16 weeks since the start of the MCADE token presale, Metacade is continuing to make considerable progress. The native token for the Metacade platform will be released on decentralized crypto exchanges after the presale, which is likely to generate more interest and increase demand for the new project.

The MCADE ICO is the talk of the town, with investors in Web3 growing more and more confident in Metacade’s future success. The MCADE token will not only be released on decentralized crypto exchanges, but the Metacade team has also recently declared that it will be listed on Bitmart exchange, a centralized digital asset exchange.

The Bitmart exchange announcement is a result of a passionate founding team that is devoted to creating a multifaceted, community-driven GameFi platform. The platform’s strong fundamentals could result in major gains from the current price level, stirring up plenty of attention towards the MCADE ICO and centralized crypto exchange listing.

Will MCADE reach $1.20 in 2023?

The listing on Bitmart exchange will open up the market to more investors beyond the current presale level, which has already attracted millions of dollars in investment.

Metacade is just getting started in the space. It could become a leading project in GameFi, achieving a similar status to Axie Infinity and Decentraland, particularly after its listing on centralized platforms.

By 2023, MCADE is predicted to reach $1.20. With the presale ending at $0.02, this could mean a 60x price boost this year alone. Metacade is creating a lot of buzz in the crypto world, with its extensive utility and quick adoption rate indicating long-term growth.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the first of its kind as a community-driven project. It is a metaverse-based platform that will house the largest selection of arcade-style play-to-earn (P2E) games on the blockchain. Gamers will gain access to a wide range of online pastimes that all have integrated financial rewards, potentially putting Metacade ahead of the competition in the blockchain gaming market.

What’s more, Metacade is also aiming to become a major social hub for all of Web3 after its ICO. The platform will feature a range of extra services, ranging from GameFi alpha to blockchain trends to several play-to-earn game variations.

Metacade is driving the GameFi revolution

Metacade is shaking up the larger GameFi industry with its special offering. On top of being the biggest on-chain arcade, Metacade offers significant earning potential to its blockchain gaming community.

The platform will also finance the next wave of blockchain development through the Metagrants program. Developers will submit gaming proposals to the platform, and Metagrants will be awarded to the most sought-after projects as the community votes to decide which new ideas are best.

By creating new blockchain jobs and funding the future of the blockchain gaming movement, Metacade is making a direct contribution to the GameFi revolution.

Is MCADE worth buying?

The MCADE token presale is a great chance to get involved in a high-potential crypto project in its early stages. The value of MCADE is predicted to soar after the ICO due to its increased presence on the Bitmart exchange and decentralized crypto exchanges.

For now, the price of MCADE is just $0.0185. Early-stage crypto investors could potentially make huge gains from this level, making it a great way to diversify an investment portfolio. All eyes are on Metacade as the ICO approaches, as the price action could get exciting due to a greater trading volume on decentralized crypto exchanges and the Bitmart exchange.

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