“MetaWin Revolutionizes Transparency in Online Gaming Industry”


London, UK, March 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

MetaWin, a leading online platform for winning games, has launched a groundbreaking initiative to enhance transparency and fairness among players worldwide. This comes after a thorough investigation by MetaWin revealed discrepancies in player Return to Player (RTP) rates among operators, causing confusion among players.

Understanding RTP is crucial for players who want to make informed decisions about their gaming. In simple terms, RTP represents the percentage of a casino game’s return to its players. For example, a game with an RTP of 97% would typically return $97 for every $100 wagered.

To address this issue, MetaWin has updated its platform to include a maximum-win guarantee. The team believes this measure will provide players with exceptional odds and an enjoyable gaming experience.

“At MetaWin, our top priorities are transparency and player satisfaction,” says Rebecca Hanwell, Operations Manager at MetaWin. “Our commitment to maximizing RTP isn’t just a goal; it’s a pledge to provide our users with the best gaming experience possible.”

The lack of transparency in the games offered by operators is a major challenge for players. Many popular games, such as Gates of Olympus, often have lower RTP versions selected by operators without informing players.

“MetaWin aims to tackle this issue by offering easy access to RTP information for all games on its platform, ensuring transparency and empowering players to make educated decisions,” explains Rebecca Hanwell. “With our maximum-win guarantee, players can rest assured that they always receive the best possible odds when choosing to play with us.”

MetaWin’s dedication to transparency and fairness is setting a new industry standard in online gaming. The team actively shapes the gaming experience of millions worldwide by prioritizing player interests and ensuring maximum RTP in all games.

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For more information, visit MetaWin.

About Metawin

MetaWin, the leading online platform for digital competitions, has revolutionized the gaming landscape. Utilizing blockchain technology, MetaWin ensures that every competition is transparent, fair, and exciting. With a track record of offering substantial prizes, MetaWin is dedicated to innovation.

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