MEXC Reduces Trading Fees to Spur Crypto Recovery


MEXC Global has announced a reduction in maker and taker costs to help promote further growth in the cryptocurrency market. The exchange’s fees have been reduced to zero for makers and 0.02% for takers.

Andrew Weiner, VP of MEXC Global said: “Lower rates mean people are much more likely to invest, this is a boost for individual investors, and more widely for the whole market. MEXC Global is the simplest to use and most customer-friendly cryptocurrency exchange available. As a leader in the space we believe lowering fees is a simple way to boost engagement and investment.”

The move has come as the market is making a recovery, with an increase in trading volume seen at MEXC. The exchange has also become popular due to its low fees and user-friendly interface, which makes it fast and easy to use.

As of March 3rd, MEXC had the highest perpetual futures liquidity, supporting more than 160 main trading pairs for futures and 60 spot trading pairs. This has allowed for smaller price differences and a lower trading cost.

Retail investors are looking for ways to save, and the ability to trade at a lower cost is an attractive prospect that could help the crypto market achieve further recovery.

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About MEXC

MEXC is the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, offering a wide range of services including spot, ETF, futures, Staking, NFT Index and more. The exchange trades around $2.1bn per day in futures volume and is committed to the philosophy of “Users first, MEXC’s Changing for you”. Visit the website and blog for more information about MEXC Global and M-Ventures.

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