Mixed Crypto Market Movements Fail to Stop Ethereum Classic Surge


Investing.com originally published this article on November 25th, 2023.

Cryptocurrency markets have been a mixed bag lately, but Ethereum Classic (ETC) has shown its strong presence with a market capitalization of $2.78 billion and a trade volume of nearly $140 million.

The blockchain platform operates on a proof-of-work protocol with its native EtcHash algorithm. Its total supply is 210,700,000 coins, with a circulating supply of 144,201,836.

The crypto market has seen varied performance today. Bitcoin decreased slightly to $37,690.84 (-0.2%), while Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash all experienced gains. UNUS SED LEO took a hit, decreasing to $3.97 (-3.3%), alongside minor dips in Bitcoin SV and Conflux.

For those interested in Ethereum Classic, the best way to get started is by acquiring mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum through recognized platforms before trading for ETC. Discussion and tracking of the currency takes place on Reddit and Github.

Ethereum Classic has distinguished itself in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape by staying true to the original principles of blockchain technology.

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