Namada Blockchain Plans Airdrop to Osmosis OSMO Token Holders


Christopher Goes, Co-Founder of Namada, an L1 multichain privacy focused blockchain, has proposed to partner with Cosmos-based Osmosis. The collaboration between Namada and Osmosis is intended to enrich the respective ecosystems and bring a raft of benefits, particularly to holders of $OSMO tokens, stakers and LP’ers who would be eligible for an upcoming Namada airdrop.

The following are some examples of how the partnership would work:

• Namada developers want to build closer relationships with the Osmosis protocol.
• OSMO holders will receive a free NAM token if they invest in the project.
• Namada plans to expand its protection of asset privacy with the help of Osmosis.

The L1 blockchain platform would like to provide continuous funding for public goods through a pool of grants managed by the Osmosis Grants Program. The effort would be funded by the bank.

Namada is also planning on rolling out “shielded actions” to protect asset privacy. The “shielded actions” can be used to hide assets if not being used for trades on Osmosis.

Explaining how shielded actions are used, Goes said: “It would be pretty boring if you only had assets and couldn’t do anything with them. So we expect that people want to go to Osmosis and decentralized exchanges on other chains to trade their assets.”

Namada’s Swiss-based nonprofit, the Anoma Foundation, will also be putting aside a portion of the funds for airdrops to OSMO holders. However, the exact timeframes are still waiting for feedback from the Osmosis community.

Goes highlighted that he is waiting for the community’s input and permission to continue with the proposal, which will be subject to an OSMO governance vote. After the upcoming elections, Namada goes live.

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