Name System “World’s First Blockchain Native, DNS Routable Domain Name System Unveiled: Meet .box!”

Published: Inc. is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its Public Beta on January 18th, 2024 at 12:00 PM ET. This will mark the first domain name system natively supported by browsers, email, and wallets.

The future of digital identity is here with .box domains. Offering secure and seamless identity on both Web3 and Web2, holders of ‘’ will have decentralized ownership and access to DNS record management, ENS integration, payments, Web3 authentication, Web3 messaging, websites, and email.

Founder Josh Brandley states, “We are the first to tie together the intersection of Web3, decentralized identity, and domain names with a powerful and user-friendly product.”

.box sets a new standard for blockchain-based top-level domains. Unlike other blockchain domain systems, .box is ICANN-accredited and recognized by the global Domain Name System (DNS) and supported by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This unique approach integrates the features of both systems, providing a better experience for users.

The .box TLD is owned and operated by Intercap Registry, an ICANN Accredited Registry Operator with over a decade of development dedicated to .box. Core partners, 3DNS and ENS Labs, share the vision of bringing the benefits of Web3 to the domain industry.

Nick Johnson, Founder of ENS, states, “We are excited to witness this unique .box implementation that supports seamless interoperability between the DNS and blockchain systems.”

Paul Gauvreau, CEO of 3DNS adds, “Bringing real-world domain assets on-chain improves almost every use case. We anticipate that this product will be widely adopted by Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers alike.”

During the launch, .box domains will go through a premium pricing phase to ensure fair access for everyone. Prices start at $7,680 USDC and then decay exponentially for 6 days until stopping at a fixed rate of $120 USDC. All domains will renew at $120 USDC per year. Domains can be minted and managed through the dApp hosted at, with payment made using ETH or USDC.

Secure your .box domain now at and join the .box community on Discord. Follow .box at for updates and support. Join the Discord server to learn how to buy a .box domain and take control of your decentralized identity. You can also qualify for a referral link to earn $18 for each successful referral.

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